Sticky BBQ

Vegan Ribs

about the recipe

These vegan ribs are juicy, tender, and coated in a sweet yet savory caramelized sticky BBQ sauce. This recipe is made with seitan which gives it the best meaty texture.

main ingredients


soy sauce



bbq sauce

vital wheat gluten

olive oil

step 1

Combine the vital wheat gluten and spices in a large glass bowl.

step 2

Add the chickpeas, onions, and other wet ingredients.

step 3

Mix to form a moist yet firm dough.

step 4

Divide the dough and shape into a 'rack' shape.

step 5

Add to an oiled baking dish, apply the dry rub and bake covered.

step 6

Apply BBQ sauce, increase the heat, and bake uncovered.

To Char

Apply more BBQ sauce, and cook on a grill pan or broil in the oven.

Add more BBQ sauce to taste, slice & serve!

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get the recipe!