Beyond Meat


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about the recipe

This Vegan & Vegetarian Beyond Meat Meatloaf has with the most convincing taste and texture!   The slices hold together beautifully & it's topped with a tangy, homemade BBQ sauce.

main ingredients

JUST egg (or flax)




vegan beef crumbles


Beyond Meat

 step 1 

Pulse the old fashioned oats into a fine powder in the food processor.

 step 2 

Roughly chop the veggies in the food processor, then cook them on the stovetop.

 step 3 

Roughly chop the Beyond Meat and the vegan ground beef crumbles.

 step 4 

Mix together the vegan meat, egg replacer, BBQ sauce, veggies, breadcrumbs, oats and spices.

 step 5 

Shape the vegan meat mixture into a loaf.

 step 6 

Top the vegan meatloaf with the homemade BBQ sauce.


Bake covered for 45 minutes, then uncovered for 30 more minutes.


Let the vegan meatloaf cool slightly before slicing.

So delicious served with mashed potatoes & more BBQ sauce on top!


get the recipe!

get the recipe!