Crispy Falafel

Pita Sandwich

about the recipe

This homemade crispy falafel pita sandwich is filled with fresh herbs, golden falafel, and creamy hummus.  This pita pocket recipe is vegan, dairy free, and vegetarian!

main ingredients





homemade falafel


pita bread

step 1

Make the homemade falafel by adding soaked (dried) chickpeas, herbs, spices, garlic and onion to a food processor.

step 2

Blend to combine and until it reaches a mixture that can be formed into balls.

step 3

Roll the falafel mixture into balls. Add a bit of chickpea flour if they aren't holding together.

step 4

Fry, air fry, or bake the falafels until golden brown and crispy!

step 5

Heat the pita bread on a grill or skillet until warmed on both sides.


Fill the pockets with the falafel, hummus, harissa, cucumbers, tomatoes and pickled onions!

get the recipe!

get the recipe!