biscoff cake


about the recipe

This easy Biscoff Cake is fluffy, flavored with cookie butter, Biscoff cookie chunks & is topped with a creamy Biscoff buttercream. It's dairy-free & eggless too!

It has 3 fluffy layers with buttercream in between and Biscoff cookies on top!


step 1

beat the oil & sugar together. Add the vanilla, milk, and melted cookie butter.

step 2

sift the dry ingredients on top

step 3

mix together to form a cake batter

step 4

transfer to 3 6" greased cake pans

step 5

bake at 350F for 27-30 minutes

step 6

make the biscoff buttercream frosting

step 7

assemble and frost the cake

step 8

decorate with melted Lotus cookie butter

and Lotus Biscoff cookies

easy & yummy!

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