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Avocado Sushi Roll

about the recipe

This vegan and vegetarian avocado sushi roll is packed with creamy avocado slices and wrapped in sticky cooked rice and a toasted nori sheet.






sushi rice


rice vinegar

step 1

Add the rinsed sushi rice and water to a small pot or your rice cooker & cook according to package instructions.

step 2

Lay the nori sheet shiny side down onto the cling film wrapped bamboo mat.

step 3

Spoon the rice onto the nori. Wet your hands and gently press the rice out to the edges of the nori.

step 4

Flip the nori and rice over, so the nori is facing up. Lay 3-4 slices of avocado.

step 5

Tuck the avocado inside the nori as you roll. Then, lift up the mat and continue rolling.

step 6

Lastly, remove the roll from the mat. Slice it into 8 even sized pieces.

Top these veggie rolls with sesame seeds or green onion.

get the recipe!

get the recipe!