apple pie

with flakey crust!

about the recipe

This classic eggless apple pie has a super flakey and buttery crust and the perfect level of apple flavor in its filling. This is the best vegan pie for fall & the holidays!


vegan pie crust


lemon juice

brown sugar

granulated  sugar




vegan butter

the best apples for pie

Grannysmith Honeycrisp Braeburn Golden Delicious McIntosh

step 1

prep the homemade dairy-free pie crust

step 2

peel and thinly slice the apples

step 3

mix the slices and the filling ingredients together in a bowl

step 4

make sure the slices are well coated

step 5

fill the crust with the slices

step 6

mound the slices up in the center of the crust

step 7

add a lattice crust on top


brush the crust with vegan butter or apricot perserves and bake!

get the recipe!

get the recipe!