roasted & glazed

vegan ham

about the recipe

This vegan ham has a sweet and tangy caramelized marmalade and brown sugar glaze, giving it a deliciously sticky finish.  This seitan recipe has a tender, meaty texture.

main ingredients


vegan 'ham' broth base + spices


soy sauce + liquid seasonings

vital wheat gluten

veggie broth


blend the wet ingredients, onion, chickpeas & beets in a food processor

step 01

add the dry ingredients + vital wheat gluten and pulse to form a dough

step 02

knead the dough for 2-3 minutes until elastic & shape into a roast

step 03

score diamond pattern on top & pour on the marinade

step 04

cover and bake for 40 minutes, reapplying marinade as needed

step 05

brush on the glaze & poke cloves into the top, then bake uncovered to brown the exterior

the glaze

garnish with oranges or pineapple & herbs!


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swipe up for the recipe!