matcha green tea latte

about the recipe

This sweet and creamy homemade matcha green tea latte is the perfect morning boost or afternoon pick-me-up. It’s completely dairy-free and vegan, thanks to the oat milk.



oat milk ice cubes

sweetener of choice

oat milk


step 1

Combine hot water and matcha together.

step 2

Hot version: Add the oat milk, sweetener of choice, and matcha to a mug.

step 3

Whisk with the frother until the oat milk has formed small bubbles at the top.

step 4

Cold version: Add the sweetener of choice to the bottom of a glass.

step 5

Add as many ice cubes as you’d like, then pour on the oat milk.

step 6

Add the whisked matcha on top. Stir to combine and serve with a glass straw.

For the best results and flavor, opt for ceremonial grade matcha.

get the recipe!

get the recipe!