how to dehydrate

orange slices

for cocktails, tea & more!

oven, air fryer, or dehydrator

about the recipe

Oven dried citrus makes a great decoration for the Holidays or adds a special touch to cocktails or desserts.  To learn how to dehydrate oranges & citrus in the oven keep on reading!



thinly sliced citrus of choice

limes, lemons, grapefruit & oranges can all be dried in the oven or air fryer

step 1

Thinly slice the citrus into 1/4"-1/8" pieces.

Gently pat the slices with a paper towel if they are very juicy. This will help them dry faster.

step 2

Place the slices in a single layer on a wire cooling rack.

step 3

Place the rack on a large baking sheet.

step 4

Set the oven to 175F (or the lowest setting) and dry the citrus.  See the full post for air frying or drying with the dehydrator!


Drying time varies per fruit & the thickness of the slices.

lemons 2-3 hrs

lime  2-3 hrs

oranges 3-4 hrs

grapefruit 4-5+ hrs

drying times

Use in tea or as a cocktail garnish! You can also use dried oranges for garlands.


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