easy + 30 mins!

seitan chicken

about the recipe

This blackened vegan chicken breast is super simple to make, full of flavor, and is a great protein to add to salads or pasta dishes.  You only need 6 ingredients!


Vital Wheat Gluten Poultry Seasoning Paprika Firm Tofu Olive Oil Veggie Stock or Water

step 1

make the seitan dough by mixing together the wet & dry ingredients

step 2

shape the dough into chicken fillets with your hands

step 3

Bake the vegan chicken at 400F for 15 minutes.

Then, char each side in a cast iron skillet.

step 4

Slice on the diagonal

great for topping salads

or on top of pasta

one serving of this seitan vegan chicken has about: 175 calories 26 g protein! 1 g carbs


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