lemony spinach

arugula salad


about the recipe

This simple spinach arugula salad with lemon dressing has a delicious combo of peppery arugula, tender spinach & crunchy almonds.  It pairs well with pasta, soups, or sandwiches!

main ingredients




spinach & arugula

parmesan (dairy free)

mix together the lemon vinaigrette & pour into a storage jar

step 01

toss the spinach, arugula, almonds & parmesan (dairy free) together

step 02

pour on the lemon dressing to taste with salt & fresh cracked pepper

step 03

toss until dressing coats all the greens & top with freshly sliced creamy avocado!

step 04

serve as a side with your favorite pastas, soups or sandwiches!


This recipe is completely customizable, so feel free to mix in your favorite seasonal toppings! Spring: Strawberries Summer: Peaches  Fall: Apples / Pears Winter: Mandarins / Citrus

mix it up!

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swipe up for the recipe!