dairy free & egg free!


about the recipe

Peachy, creamy, sweet, & buttery. These Vegan Peach Ice Cream Bars are an end of summer treat and a great way to use up some peaches while they’re in season.

the components

-Graham Cracker Cookie -No Churn Coconut Ice Cream -Peach Puree Swirl

the peach puree

blend fresh peaches in a high speed blender

the coconut ice cream

mix coconut cream, sugar, diced peaches, and vanilla together

graham cracker cookies

make the cookies while the ice cream begins to set up in the freezer

assembling the bars

let the cookies cool completely before assembling

the ice cream filling

pour the chilled ice cream onto the bottom cookie

peach puree

swirl the peach puree into the coconut ice cream

the second cookie

after letting the ice cream set more in the freezer, top with the second cookie

cut into equal sized bars and enjoy!

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