soft & fluffy

vegan panettone

about the recipe

This vegan panettone is fluffy, super soft, and filled with nuts and sweet dried candied fruit.  Dust the golden brown exterior with powdered sugar for an Italian Christmas treat.

main ingredients



dried fruit

citrus zest

plant milk



vegan butter

step 1

activate the yeast in the warm oat milk and sugar

step 2

soak the raisins and candied oranges in rum or liqueur

step 3

sift together the flour and salt

step 4

add the wet ingredients to a large bowl and mix to combine

step 5

add the flour a cup at a time to form a soft dough, then knead in the vegan butter 1 tbsp at a time

step 6

cover and let rise overnight in the fridge so the flavors can develop

step 7

roll out the dough into a rectangle and embed the dried fruits & nuts

step 8

form into a ball, place in the mold & let rise a 2nd time (until doubled in size)


place a pat of vegan butter on top and bake!

get the recipe!

get the recipe!