with Golden Oreos

about the recipe

This cake has three layers of strawberry-flavored sponge with vanilla cream. It's topped with a creamy layer of strawberry frosting and lots of crumbles made with golden Oreos!

main ingredients

strawberry puree




plain yogurt

step 1

prep the cake pans with parchment

step 2

mix the wet and dry ingredients together to make the batter

step 3

add the batter to the pans and bake at 350F for 22 mins.

step 4

let the cakes cool completely before frosting

whip up the strawberry buttercream.

whip up the coconut whipped cream filling!

blend together Golden Oreos and freeze dried strawberries for the crunch coating

assemble the cake

layer coconut whipped cream between the cakes and coat the outside with the buttercream


sprinkle the crunch coating on top

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