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vegan steak

seitan recipe!

about the recipe

How in the world do you make a vegan steak This recipe will show you exactly how to make a vegan ‘steak’ that will knock the socks off any omnivore you serve it to.

vital wheat gluten

This gives this ‘steak’ a 'meaty' texture. Wheat gluten is the main ingredient in seitan. One vegan steak has over 50 grams of protein thanks to the vital wheat gluten!




other ingredients:


red wine

vital wheat gluten

step 1

blend all the wet ingredients (except the onion) in a food processor

step 2

chop the onion, then add the dry ingredients

step 3

pulse until a dough ball starts to form

step 4

knead for about 2-3 minutes then flatten into a rectangle

step 5

divide the dough and shape into 'steaks'

step 6

coat in olive oil and the marinade (this helps keep the steaks moist while baking)


Bake the seitan at 425F. This recipe includes baking times for rare, medium rare, and well done.


once baked, sear in a garlic 'butter' sauce to char the outside

it has a rich, savory & salty flavor, and a tender, chewy texture


great with roasted potatoes or green beans!

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