vegan beef


about the recipe

This Vegan Seitan Beef Bourguignon is rich &  cozy on a chilly fall or winter evening.  This veggie red wine stew is full of root veggies, homemade vegan ‘beef’, and mushrooms.



use a full bodied, dry red wine that you enjoy the taste of!

vegan red wine

step 1

melt olive oil and vegan butter over medium heat

step 2

add the veggies and saute

step 3

deglaze the pot with the red wine and sprinkle on the spices + flour

step 4

add the veggie broth, tomato paste & soy sauce, then simmer for 1 hour

step 5

after simmering, add the vegan seitan beef and mushrooms


top with fresh herbs like thyme


serve with crusty garlic bread or mashed potatoes

get the recipe!

get the recipe!