vegan buttermilk


air fried!

about the recipe

This Vegan Buttermilk Air Fryer Chicken recipe is made from seitan (vital wheat gluten) and a 'buttermilk' batter.  It's super crispy, chewy & full of protein!


homemade seitan 'chicken' dairy free milk vinegar flour  breadcrumbs seasoning oil

step 1

make the seitan 'chicken' by mixing vital wheat gluten, spices, and the wet ingredients together

step 2

form the dough into 'fillet' or nugget shapes

step 3

prep the vegan buttermilk and the dry breading mixture

step 4

coat the vegan chicken fillets in the wet and dry mixture

step 5

Dip the vegan chicken in the wet, then dry and repeat 2-3 times.

step 6

place in the air fry basket and brush with vegetable oil

step 7

air fry at 375F for about 17 minutes, flipping and reapplying oil halfway 

so delicious dipped in vegan ranch or ketchup

or on top of waffles for vegan 'chicken' & waffles!

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