the best vegan

chicken & waffles

about the recipe

This homemade vegan chicken and waffles recipe is served with a slightly bitter bed of arugula, a drizzle of rich maple syrup, and a touch of sweet chili sauce on the side.

main ingredients

homemade vegan buttermilk waffles


vegan seitan  chicken

sweet chili sauce

maple syrup

make the homemade vegan seitan buttermilk chicken (or your favorite store-bought version)

step 01

bread it in the 'buttermilk' batter, then air fry or deep fry and then bake!

step 02

the vegan fried chicken should be golden and crispy when done

step 03

make the 'buttermilk' vegan belgian waffles in a waffle iron

step 04

stack the waffles on a bed of arugula and top with the vegan chicken


serve with sweet chili sauce on the side for a spicy kick!

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swipe up for the recipe!