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vegan beef

seitan recipe!

about the recipe

Want to know how to make chewy, savory vegan beef This recipe will show you exactly how to make the best omnivore-approved vegan ‘beef’ using vital wheat gluten!

vital wheat gluten

This is the ingredient that gives these ‘beefs’ a chewy, stretchy texture. Wheat gluten is the main ingredient in seitan and is close to 80% protein.

chickpeas & onions



other key ingredients:

step 1

Mix together the vital wheat gluten, spices, and the wet ingredients.

step 2

knead the dough for 1-2 minutes so it forms a smoother ball

step 3

divide the seitan dough into 4 equal sized logs

step 4

cut the dough into pieces about 1" in size.

or you can cut them into strips like this

step 5

pour the marinade over the vegan beef cubes or strips

step 6

bake at 375F for 25 minutes, flipping them and applying more marinade halfway


perfect in vegan 'beef' stew


in 'beef' udon noodles


or in vegan philly cheesesteaks

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