sesame 'beef'

udon noodles


about the recipe

These vegan sesame “beef” udon noodles have a savory sesame sauce and chewy homemade vegan beef strips.  Similar to Mongolian beef noodles, this noodle bowl is packed with flavor.



udon noodles

vegan 'beef'

sesame sauce


cilantro + lime

step 1

make the homemade vegan seitan 'beef' strips

step 2

in a large wok or pan saute the yellow onion with sesame oil

step 3

Add the broccolini, udon, and sesame sauce. Saute until heated through

step 4

add the homemade vegan 'beef' strips


top with green onion, sesame seeds, and cilantro


these noodles are great with broccolini but you can use other veggies on hand as well!

an easy, filling weeknight vegan or vegetarian dinner

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