honey buns


about the recipe

These homemade honey buns are so soft, pillowy, fried (or air fried), and topped with a sweet buttery glaze. Just like the store-bought version! This recipe can be made vegan!

main ingredients

melted butter (dairy free)


agave  (or vegan honey)




mix the dough ingredients together in a large bowl or your stand mixer

step 01

knead the dough, cover and let rise until doubled

step 02

punch the dough down and transfer to a lightly floured surface

step 03

roll out the dough and spread the filling mixture on it

step 04

tightly roll up the dough and slice into 8 pieces

step 05

gently press the buns down with the palm of your hand

step 06

deep fry or air fry the dough, let the buns cool and then glaze!


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swipe up for the recipe!