vegan salami

about the recipe

This Vegan Salami is chewy yet tender and packed with flavors like peppercorn and mustard seed.  To get a texture similar to deli meat, it's made with vital wheat gluten.


blend the wet ingredients + the beet together

step 1

mix the spices and vital wheat gluten together in a bowl

step 2

mix the blended wet ingredients together with the dry

step 3

the mixture should come together into a soft yet stretchy dough

step 4

knead the dough and shape it into a rectangle

step 5

make the white seitan by mixing tofu and vital wheat gluten together

step 6

tightly roll the seitan up into a log

shaping the salami

wrap in foil and bake


roll the baked salami in a pepper crust

pepper crust

slice and serve with crackers or on sandwhiches!

it's also great on charcuterie boards with vegan cheese!

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