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If you're looking for some holiday and Christmas treats to bake up this year, look no further! Here are some easy and creative vegan cookies to bake for the holidays & Christmas!

classic cut out  sugar cookies

simple vegan sugar cookies that can be air fried or baked

cranberry almond shortbread

buttery dairy free shortbread flavored with fresh cranberries and almonds

biscoff  butter  lava cookies

cookie butter flavored vegan cookies with a molten center

eggnog thumbprint sugar cookies

vegan sugar cookies with an eggnog ganache center

thick and soft snickerdoodles

classic vegan snickerdoodles that are super soft but not cakey!

coffee cookies  w/ white chocolate

cappuccino flavored vegan cookies!

tangy lemon sugar cookies

soft and chewy vegan lemon cookies with tangy flavor

fudgy peppermint mocha cookies

chocolatey vegan candy cane cookies with marshmallows!

need more ideas?

need more ideas?

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