What is Taro Root? (Taste Explained!)

This article will dive into what taro is, what taro tastes like, and how to use it!


Taro is a tropical plant with brown husky corms. It’s a starchy root vegetable similar to a potato.

Taro Root Smell

Taro that has been just peeled and cut has a fresh, earthy smell. 

Taro Root Taste

Taro has a very mild nutty taste. When mixed with sugar it is sweet with an earthy, starchy texture. 

Taro Powder Taste

Taro root powder has a flavor that is stronger and sweeter than the root. The sweet taste is from added sugar.

Ways to Cook Taro

– Boiling – Steaming – Roasting or Baking – Stewing – Air Frying

Taro Storage

You can store un-peeled and uncooked taro root at room temperature in a cool, dark place.

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