the best vegan

meat alternatives

Vegan Protein

These high protein vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives are savory and picky eater approved. The following are ideas for plant-based proteins and delicious mock meat recipes.

with a tender yet chewy texture and charred in a salty, savory, garlic ‘butter’ 

Vegan Seitan Steak

marinated and grilled savory tofu with chimichurri on top

Grilled Tofu Steaks

with a crispy golden brown exterior and a moist, juicy interior

Fully Loaded Vegan Beyond Burgers

chewy seitan chicken stuffed with plant-based ham slices and creamy dairy-free Swiss cheese

Vegan Cordon Bleu

breaded tofu nuggets that have the texture of chicken nuggets

Crispy Tofu Nuggets

tender with a pop of chewiness and coated in a crispy breadcrumb

Crispy Vegan Shrimp

chewy, savory, ‘meaty’, and works so well in a variety of dishes

Vegan Seitan Beef

chewy yet tender & packed with flavors like peppercorn and mustard seed

Vegan Seitan Salami

super savory and the perfect addition to sandwiches

Smoky Vegan Bacon

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