plant based meat recipes

A roundup


These show stopping high protein plant based meat recipes are completely picky eater approved and will have everyone guessing whether they're actually vegan!

plant based  meats

with a tender yet chewy texture and charred in a salty garlic ‘butter’

vegan seitan steak

dairy free buttermilk waffles, arugula, and crispy vegan chicken

'chicken' & waffles

lentil free with a homemade tangy bbq sauce on top

beyond meat 'meatloaf'

chewy seitan chicken stuffed with plant-based ham slices and creamy dairy-free Swiss cheese

vegan cordon bleu

with a crispy golden brown exterior and moist juicy interior.

fully loaded beyond burgers

seasoned breaded and air fried tofu with the texture of chicken nuggets

vegan chicken fried tofu

tender with a pop of chewiness and coated in a crispy breadcrumb

crispy vegan  shrimp

chewy, savory, 'meaty', with a versatile flavor 

vegan seitan beef

chewy and tender with peppercorn and mustard seed

savory vegan salami

baked, marinated tofu with a crisp texture and smoky flavor

smoky vegan bacon

spicy, crispy and oh so good vegan nashville chicken wings!

vegan nashville hot chicken

simple flavorful vegan roast beef with a mushroom gravy

vegan roast beef dinner

crispy vegan fish fillets with a garlic aioli and fresh slaw

vegan fish tacos

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